Dar Hi, from the mind of leading French designer matali crasset, features contemporary lodging somewhere between B&B and boutique hotel, where the desert meets the city.

The journey to Dar Hi is a journey of initiation, discovery and mindfulness. It lets you be by yourself, recharge your batteries, take care of your body as well as to engage with and open up to others in an extraordinary natural and human ecological environment.

The Palm Lab

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Palmlab is a pluridisciplinary association* that has the main goal to research modern usage for the palm tree in different types of industries:
architecture, furniture, everyday objects, cooking, skincare... researching what is all the potential of the oasis and the palm tree. It will group different specialists with the organization of workshops and long term research that will take place at DAR HI.

logo Palmlab

Palmlab is completely integrated in the hotel’s philosophy.

DAR HI has a dedicated space for the laboratory where specific research can be directed but also as a pilot establishment where a lot of the interior decoration is made out of palm trees.

The Palmlab is in the heart of a network of passionate people who want to question the limits of their work and participate to construct a world with strong values. This network is eager to take part of local initiatives, collaborate with schools (Professional Master for safe keeping and study of local architectural and environmental located in Nefta - see attached documentation)

The different missions:

  • research for the furniture and interior architecture : mats, baskets ...
  • research to use palm tree fibers for bricks, composite ...
  • culinary research to use the dates
  • textile use of the palm tree fibers
  • use of the dates for skincare or massages