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You are definitely a Hi addict and we would like to thank you by giving you advantages that you can use and be part of the HI LIFE network.

This card doesn't propose a system of points which is contrary to our philosophy. All the HI addicts have the same advantages, we don't differentiate our loyal clients

HI FIDELITY allows you to also join to contemporary, ecological, touristic values and benefit at the same time of significant bonus.


advantages and conditions are subject to modification by the manager's decision.


  • -10% on the best rate available on HI booking
  • -10% discount on lunch/dinner at the restaurant (excluding Beverage)
  • -10% on the seasonal rate
  • Free cancellation until noon on arrival day *
  • -10% discount on SPA services and shops
  • Free access to the hammam
  • Access to private party+ 1 free cocktail
  • Chidren room free of charge *
  • VIP welcome
  • Upgrade *
  • Direct access through internet
  • Late check-out free until 15h *


  • 1st row sundecks 17€ instead of 27€ **
  • children sundecks free
  • -5% on drinks and restaurant
  • free Towel

* Off Season (1st November/31 March)
** upon available


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Dar Hi是由法国女设计师matali crasset打造的生态隐居酒店。它既彰显现代前卫,又不失家居客栈的温馨迷人;它虽身处于沙漠边缘,却又从未远离都市。



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After the opening of the HI hotel, design hotel in Nice, Philippe Chapelet and Patrick Elouarghi invite you in Nefta, south of Tunisia, for new experience. They once again chose the designer matali crasset to conceive and create the project. DARHI is the fruit of this collaboration, a contemporary accommodation between guest house and charm hotel, at the frontier of the desert and close to the city.

A trip there is all about initiation, discovery. Perfect for city breaks and holidays, it allows to be isolated, to take care of your body and mind, as well as exchanging and opening one’s self to the other in an exceptional natural and human environment.

En savoir plus

DAR HI’s layout is one of a village in harmony with Nefta’s landscape. Surrounded by a wall like all local architectures, DAR HI follows the landscape’s shape and emerges from the ground.

DAR HI is not accessible by car, you leave the city, so you will arrive on foot and once you are welcomed in you will take off your shoes and will be wearing local Tunisian slippers called babouches, your journey may begin...

Your wellbeing at DAR HI: massages, hammam, essential oils baths in the HI body and soul SPA, organic food and products served in a contemporary, ecological and sustainable surrounding created by matali crasset.

Looking for city breaks ? Weekend, short or big christmas city breaks. Try Dar HI, green sustainable hotel, hospitality in an environmental design.

design hotel, environmental, green hotel, green design, sustainable hotel


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DAR HI is located in the historic centre of Nefta town, south of Tunisia at the frontier of the desert between Chott El Jerid and dunes of sand.

Nefta is famous for its location in a natural geological site and also for the thousands of palm trees with dates that are appreciated worldwide: the Deglet Nour dates.
The architecture of the houses is typical with walls made of whole bricks that have a distinctive ochre colour. Roofs and house doors are made of palm wood.
It is not surprising that this particular location has inspired a large number of movie directors, for example: Star Wars and the English Patient were filmed in the Nefta desert.

En savoir plus

The number of inhabitants hasn’t increased for the last century and amounts to 22000 people.

The site facing South and West has an exceptional view upon the oasis, the village and the dry salted lake Chott El Djerid known for its mysterious and amazing sunsets.

Everything is conceived to enhance Nefta’s charm. DARHI is a protective haven, a retreat from the world’s hassle but also open to local life, landscape, natural rhythm.

The Palm Lab

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Palmlab is a pluridisciplinary association* that has the main goal to research modern usage for the palm tree in different types of industries:
architecture, furniture, everyday objects, cooking, skincare... researching what is all the potential of the oasis and the palm tree. It will group different specialists with the organization of workshops and long term research that will take place at DAR HI.

logo Palmlab

Palmlab is completely integrated in the hotel’s philosophy.

DAR HI has a dedicated space for the laboratory where specific research can be directed but also as a pilot establishment where a lot of the interior decoration is made out of palm trees.

The Palmlab is in the heart of a network of passionate people who want to question the limits of their work and participate to construct a world with strong values. This network is eager to take part of local initiatives, collaborate with schools (Professional Master for safe keeping and study of local architectural and environmental located in Nefta - see attached documentation)

The different missions:

  • research for the furniture and interior architecture : mats, baskets ...
  • research to use palm tree fibers for bricks, composite ...
  • culinary research to use the dates
  • textile use of the palm tree fibers
  • use of the dates for skincare or massages

Dar HI invest

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The pill houses

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These houses have exceptional views that are all different. Some have a panorama overlooking the horizon of the salted lake, others have a view of the palm grove and its very diverse landscape.

Both are very different, one is more intimate being high above the ground with a panoramic view and the other on the lower ground so more amongst the communal area.

High above the ground the room is structured around a bow window, as if the view was integrated in the room. A small table to nibble or work, a large bed that hides part of the shower and toilets compose the room.

Down below it is like a small village square. Everyone has a space that is protected from the sun. The square, the bar, the water point and small fountains are all places to be easily together.

The troglodytes

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Three areas called troglodytes with small bricks from Nefta are completely independent with their own private terraces but also linked together by a circular area from one to the other. Collective life is articulated around a small square with a small water cascade and a bread oven. These rooms can be rented entirely for a stay with friends or family. The freshness reminds of the typical troglodytes houses of Matmata.

The dunes

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The three areas called dunes are at sand level. They are like open spaces that the wind would have sculpted. The inspiration was the bivouac that allows you to modulate your comfort as you wish. It’s an incredible experience living within the dunes, creating your own nest, feeling closer to the desert. They are all different, one has a loggia with a natural light and an indoor garden, the other very spacious has an external terrace and a large window with a view of Nefta, the third one also very spacious and fresh. It offers a view on the date grove with an independent room and an alcove wooden terrace.

Dar Malika

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DAR HI body | thermal spa

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DAR HI has a natural source of hot water flowing under its basement.
A natural geothermic principal, the hammam will not need any other generator to stay warm. The pool also has natural warm water.

In the heart of DAR HI, the HI body and soul is dedicated to well being for body and spirit. It has several massage and body care areas, a bathtub with oriental relaxing essential oils, a meditation room, and a very spacious traditional hammam. In the pure oriental tradition the hammam is heated with steamed hot water that comes from the desert. You can change in the entrance, then discover a room for body care (soap, scrubbing …) and a room that is warmer. The sinks are in Foussana marble and the wall covered of faience designed by matali that use a combination of colours from turquoise blue, light blue, acid green and orange.

DAR HI proposes various types of body care within the house. The traditional essences that have therapeutic virtues from the region of Djerid guaranty a high quality of body care. Some specific body care will be available with clay and salt based products, thanks to the proximity of the Choot-El-Jerid but also with warm sand. The benefits of massage are the high priority of DAR HI with traditional Arab massage, scrubbing within the hammam and different oriental techniques (thaï, ayurvedic…) that will be put in place by Bertrand Poncet who is our well being partner at the HI Hotel. The masseurs are all local and will be trained by several techniques by Bertrand Poncet’s team.

Télécharger la Brochure du spa en .pdf (français)

Organic Cuisine

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The meals are prepared by local cooks. They will cook traditional dishes from the region ‘as if you were home’ and will go pick every morning vegetables from our garden.
Everyday the dishes will be prepared and served throughout the house even in the oasis under the palm trees shadow.

The vegetable of the garden will all be organic and DAR HI will encourage the villagers to reuse the forgotten agricultural lands.
DAR HI has committed to buy other villagers production to encourage the cooperative system.

Dar HI bazar by FeGH

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A large number of activities are available: cooking lessons, horse carriage within the oasis, sunsets on star wars site, camping in the desert, the discovery of Nefta and its medina, dates factories, and many more activities...

El Ferdaous Cafe

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El ferdaous est la buvette de la dar hi au milieu de la grande palmeraire de nefta.
Pour dejeuner au frais au coeur de l'oasis ou fumer une chicha sur la terasse au coucher du soleil.
C'est un spot mythique de nefta mais aussi un endroit préservé.

Fathi notre caléchier préféré vous y conduira au cours d'une ballade découverte dans le village, ou une ballade au travers de l'oasis vous permettra de vous y rendre (20 minutes)

Facebook El ferdaous


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Hi Events


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La plus belle chose à faire à DAR HI est de ne rien faire !

Prendre soin de soi , de votre corps et de votre esprit.

Cependant, pour les plus actifs, tous ca vous attend :
Cours de cuisine avec najah la cuisinière de la maison, quad ou char à voile dans le lac salé, ballade en calèche dans l'oasis, ballade à pied et déjeuner au bord de la rivière dans la dans notre petit café El ferdaous, visite de la médina de nefta et de son souk le jeudi, excursion en 4X4 Vers les oasis de montagne (tamerza,mides et chebika), coucher de soleil sur les dunes de ong jmel et du village tatouine de star wars, traversé des gorges de metlaoui avec le petit train le lézard rouge, visite du marabout de sidi bouhlel.


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DAR HI est un lieu merveilleux et magique pour se réunir en vivant une vraie expérience humaine et sensorielle.

Plusieurs espaces polyvalents qui vous permettront d’organiser tous types de séminaires, réunions, présentations de produits, incentive, challenge, mariage , voyages de noces, anniversaires, privatisations.

Nous vous pouvons vous proposer de nombreuses formules sur mesure à la demande.

Télécharger la plaquette seminaires en .pdf

Les Dunes Electroniques

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Hi Shop

Hi Gift

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 > Order the HI Gift 

Hi life’s gift voucher

You can offer your close ones an unforgettable experience in the HI universe
A week-end in Nice at the HI hotel, a week in Tunisia at DAR HI, a massage in our Hi Body spa or simply a lunch at the HI beach...
Choose the gift or the amount you wish and send the voucher directly

Hi loves music

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 HI TEN  //  La Baleine   > Commander le HI TEN album 

L’hôtel Hi est un hôtel design et urbain, haut de gamme en rupture avec les codes traditionnels du luxe. Créé à l’initiative de Patrick Elouarghi et Philippe Chapelet imaginé par matali crasset, une des plus grandes designers mondiales.

Cette année, l’hôtel Hi fête ses 10 ans

La musique électronique fait partie intégrante de la vie et du concept.
HI RADIO est programmée par KOMPAKT, un des labels de musique les plus prestigieux au monde.

A l occasion de l’anniversaire des 10 ans du HI : Paul Nazca et Maxime Dangles, djs artistes confirmés, qui font partie de la nouvelle garde de l'électronique Française ont crée un album : HI TEN

> Cliquez ici pour la suite

 Acheter sur  //  Acheter sur Amazon 

 HI!H by Frédéric Galliano  //  HI shop   > Commander le Hi!By Frédéric Galliano 

Considered for its innovative character the “HI shop” allows customers to buy all kinds of products related to the hotel’s atmosphere. Hi became the first hotel to produce a music album under its own label HI-print: HI!H by Frédéric Galliano.

Frédéric Galliano is a music passionate since his teenage days. At that time he had already acquired a wide cultural musical taste, such as Latino, jazz and Kraftwerk’s electronic preludes at the end of the 70’s.

> Cliquez ici pour la suite

Hi loves Kompakt

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 TOTAL 14  //  Kompakt   > Commander TOTAL 14 

With TOTAL 14, our extremely popular compilation series returns to the fore after its sabbatical in 2013; a well-needed break from the routine that was put to good use, resulting in one of the most riveting instalments in the series yet. Both veteran and freshman artists were chosen for an exhaustive overview of past label exploits, including powerful cuts from the likes of DAUWD, KÖLSCH, BLOND:ISH, MICHAEL MAYER or THE FIELD - but this wouldn't be TOTAL without the exclusive stuff, so we're more than happy to add a generous serving of brandnew tracks from SUPERPITCHER, SASCHIENNE, WEVAL, THOMAS/MAYER, VOIGT & VOIGT, THE MODERNIST and JÜRGEN PAAPE.

> Read more

Hi loves le Buisson

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Address + Access + Easy Flight

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Dar HI
tél 00 216 76 432 779
fax 00 216 76 432 268

Quartier ezzaouia
2240 Nefta

Head office in Nice:
tel : 00 33 (0)4 97 07 26 26
fax : 00 33 (0)4 97 07 26 27
GPS: 33°52 12 03’ N 07°53 03 4’E

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Many worldwide airlines distribute the international airport Tozeur-Nefta*
Weekly direct flights with TunisAir directs from Paris, Lyon, Nice.

We can help you schedule your flights send your request to

*DAR HI is 15 minutes drive from the airport (18 kms)


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